Soihtu has a new real estate manager

Markku Kilpi has started as Soihtu’s real estate manager, who is responsible for the maintenance of Soihtu’s properties and acts as a foreman for Soihtu’s facility services’ personnel. Sanna Kuisma previously held the position.

Markku has a degree in civil engineering from the year 2014 and a higher degree in engineering the digital supply chain from the year 2020. He says that he is very passionate about the digital transformation in the real estate and construction industries. Markku Kilpi has gained his work experience in the field of repair and damage restructuring.

When it comes to the customer service work of property maintenance, Markku considers the individual encounters with people and the ability to identify with the customer’s current situation to be the most important things. “Building trust starts with proactive interaction and keeping all promises made, whether it’s a wide customer promise, an oral or a written promise.”

Markku says that he enjoys the changing work environment, so the real estate manager’s field of work is suitable for him.

“The broad job description that includes a lot of changing details and evolving situations,” he describes his reasons to apply for the job at Soihtu. “Managing, maintaining and developing the real estate portfolio is very close to my heart because I took a stand on the indebtedness of the Finnish real estate properties and the current situation of this national wealth in my YAMK thesis. As a real estate manager, I feel that I can influence and contribute to the maintenance of the national real estate wealth. ”

Markku Kilpi
Soihtu’s real estate manager

“Building trust starts with proactive interaction and keeping all promises made, whether it’s a wide customer promise, an oral or a written promise.”

Soihtu is the business unit owned by the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä JYY. Soihtu has three companies, two associated companies and 51 employees.

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