Join us for Good vibes afternoon chat online

, / 4.2.2021

Would you like to get to know your neighbours or get some peers support and company during your quarantine? Good vibes afternoon chat online every Tuesday and Thursday during February at 2 pm. We created own theme for each chat, so the...

Coronavirus testing in Kortepohja on Saturday 6.2.

, / 4.2.2021

The City of Jyväskylä will organise coronavirus testing in Kortepohja on Saturday, 6 February 2021, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The testing place is a separate facility in the Kortesuo day-care centre, address Taitoniekantie 9 E. For many Soihtu Housing tenants, this is better known as the Kortepohja Student Village building E.

During Corona epidemic, life turns to home – Soihtu is taking measures to make transition smoother

, / 2.2.2021

For us it’s important to secure the well-being and safety of all tenants. We hope that the measures we are introducing or reminding you of make the quarantine easier an keep the buildings safe for everyone.

Soihtu closes the tenants’ weekly personal sauna turns

, / 29.1.2021

Soihtu Vehkakuja and Kortepohja Student Village tenants’ personal sauna turns are closed from Friday 29.1. to 28.2.2021. The closing of all sauna turns is a pre-emptive measure against the spread of corona virus infections. The owners of the...

The Corona virus spreads in Jyväskylä, Soihtu gives a reminder of safety

, / 28.1.2021

To return to normal everyday as soon as possible, we all must be responsible and protect others by our own actions. If you are in quarantine, exposed to the virus, or sick, stay at home and avoid contact with people. We ask every tenant to keep in mind that currently many people in the neighbourhood carry the virus with no symptoms.

Rentukka gym and study spaces, Opinkivi sauna, meeting rooms Bertta and Lillukka, and Bastu-sauna, are closed until the end of February

, / 27.1.2021

Soihtu closes the Rentukka gym and study spaces, Lillukka, Opinkivi sauna, meeting room Bertta and Bastu-sauna between 27.1. and 28.1.2021 as a pre-emptive measure against the spread of Coronavirus infections.

The general saunas in Soihtu premises closed until the end of February

, / 25.1.2021

The general saunas in Kortepohja Student Village and Soihtu Vehkakuja, including the saunas in building A in Kortepohja, are closed as a pre-emptive measure against the spread of Coronavirus infections starting from 25.1.2021 until the end of...

Were you in Heidi’s Bier Bar on 21.1., or have symptoms of Corona virus infection? Get tested in Kortepohja on 25.1. between 15-18

, / 25.1.2021

Get tested if you were present at Heidi’s Bier Bar on 21.1. (Thursday), you have been in contact with anyone who was in Heidi’s Bier Bar on 21.1., or if you have any, even mild, symptoms that can be related to Corona virus.

JYY’s Council of Representatives decision on 1.12.2020: Service fee will no longer be charged from tenants moving out of an apartment due to renovation, service fees for Tower Building tenants will be refunded

, / 25.1.2021

At its meeting on 1 December 2020, the University of Jyväskylä Student Union’s Council of Representatives decided that the service fees (former transfer fees) charged in connection with the renovation of the Kortepohja Student Village buildings...

A possible exposure to Corona virus in the sauna of Kortepohja Student Village building A on MONDAY 18.1.

, / 22.1.2021

A person with Corona virus has visited the sauna of the Kortepohja Student Village building A on Monday 18.1.2021. Soihtu has received the information from the officials performing the Corona tracing. Soihtu has not received more exact information...

How to recycle all the Christmas waste?

/ 21.12.2020

During Christmas time a lot of different type of waste might accumulate. Proper recycling is extremely necessary, so we gathered few tips for you. Reuse! Any gift papers etc. that have remained good can be reused later. The residual stearin in...

Kortepohja got its own bit of Berlin

, , / 18.12.2020

More than 20 graffiti artists got free hands to do their magic in the exit staircase of MNOP buildings during December. Their work can be found on nine floors, and styles are as diverse as are the artists. Part of the work can be seen through the...