Electricity consumption is requested to be kept to a minimum – the saunas in the A building will be out of use today

The extended period of cold weather has raised electricity consumption to a high level. Fingrid, Finland’s national grid system, asks everyone to reduce their electricity consumption and shift the electricity use from the peak consumption hours. Challenging times are mornings around 8–10 am and evenings around 5–10 pm.

According to the forecasts, Friday and Saturday will still be particularly cold in Finland and electricity prices will be exceptionally high and the adequacy of electricity will be tested. We therefore ask all our tenants to reduce their energy usage and with use it with precise timing during the coming weekend.

The saunas in Kortepohja Student Village’s building A will be out of use on Friday, January 5, 2024 to ensure sufficient electricity.

Below are instructions on how you can effectively reduce electricity consumption at home:

  1. Avoid using an electric oven and entertainment electronics.
  2. Washing clothes and using the dishwasher should be scheduled between 10 am and 5 pm.
  3. Turn off the car’s interior space heater and avoid using the car’s engine preheater.
  4. Don’t charge an electric car when prices are at their highest.
  5. Turn off all electrical devices and unplug chargers that are not necessary.
  6. Please also remember that the use of additional electric heaters in Soihtu apartments is not allowed due to fire safety and electricity consumption.

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