Exceptions in the Kortepohja Student Village and Soihtu Vehkakuja services caused by the Corona virus

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Updated on the 7th of September 2020.

Opening hours of the service point of Soihtu Housing from the 1st of September on:

Our service point is open for those picking up their keys on the 1st work day of each month from 10am to 3pm.

All of our online services are in use as usual. Please use our online services whenever possible, so we can keep the contacts at minimum and avoid the spreading of the virus.

If you are moving in and are not able to pick your keys up during our opening hours, please contact asuminen@soihtu.fi.

If you are moving out:

Opening hours of Rentukka Info from the 31st of August on:

See the exceptions in the opening hours of Rentukka restaurant on their web page (opens in a new tab).

Exceptions in Soihtu Facility Services from the 1st of September on:

To protect the tenants’ and staff members’ health, Soihtu Facility Services brings all contacts with the public and stakeholders to the minimum.




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