Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the Rentukka Lobby in Kortepohja

Starting from 17.1.2024, Fysios Mehiläinen’s Kortepohja branch will offer a defibrillator installed in the customer lobby of the Rentukka building, next to the main entrance. During the opening hours of Rentukka, the device is available to all residents of Kortepohja Student Village and can help the entire Kortepohja district.

What is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device that works electrically and is intended to be used as a first aid measure in cardiac arrest. The defibrillator delivers an electric shock through two electrodes that are glued to the chest of the victim, thereby seeking to stop the harmful rhythm of the heart and bring it back to normal. No training is required to use it. (Finnish Heart Association 2023)

More information about defibrillators can be found in Finnish on the website of the Finnish Heart Association (link opens in a new window).
Read more about resuscitation instructions on the website (link opens in a new window).

Safety for the residents of Kortepohja Student Village and the entire district

Installed in the lobby of Rentukka, the defibrillator increases the safety of the entire Kortepohja district. First aid provided by a layperson often greatly improves the injured person’s chances of survival and recovery (SPR 2023).

“The defibrillator offered by Fysios Mehiläinen’s Kortepohja branch in the Rentukka building shows great commitment to promoting the health and safety of the Kortepohja district,” says Timo Lahtinen, Managing Director at Soihtu.

Fysios Mehiläinen’s Kortepohja branch operates in building H of Kortepohja Student Village at Taitoniekantie 9 H. Students receive a -10% discount on Fysios Mehiläinen’s physiotherapy and massage services. Appointments for Fysios Mehiläinen’s professionals can be made with the OmaMehiläinen app, online, or by phone.

Rentukka building is located in the central square of Kortepohja Student Village at Taitoniekantie 9.

The information source of the chapter about the defibrillator in Finnish is the website of the Finnish Heart Association. Information on the importance of first aid was found at the website of the Finnish Red Cross (SPR). Both sources have been available and accessed on 7.11.2023.

Article photo by Jari Kuskelin 2022

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