Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car?

On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location. See also our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

Internet connection

Broadband connection


Your rent includes Soihtu's Broadband connection (1 Gbit/s) that offers a fast connection the Internet and all services included in the University’s network. You can connect to Soihtu's broadband from the network sockets that are located in...

Internet connection isn’t working


If your computer doesn’t connect to the network, check our instructions on how to start using the broadband connection. On our support site, there are solutions for most common problems regarding the internet connection. If the instructions...

Soihtu’s broadband connection support request


Fill in this form to request support in connecting to the Internet via the Soihtu's broadband connection in Soihtu's housing location. Suomenkieliselle...

Terms of usage for the student residential network

The Student Residential Network is a study-oriented auxiliary service and its primary function is to promote learning and activities related to studies through the usage of the Internet. In addition to these terms, the terms of usage pertaining...