MNOP buildings need color and tidiness of common areas

In recent years, Soihtu has renovated the tower blocks located in the southern area of Kortepohja Student Village. When the renovation projects in that area are completed, it will be time to develop the northern area.

At the moment, Soihtu is drafting a town plan for the MNOPKL block in cooperation with the City of Jyväskylä and other actors in the area. The plan is to start the construction in 3-5 years. The existing buildings will be kept in good condition during the design and construction phase, which will last for several years.

In October, Soihtu conducted a survey for the tenants of MNOP buildings. We wanted to hear the tenants’ experiences of living comfort and safety of their building and its surroundings. 

Better than its reputation

Majority of the respondents feel at home in Kortepohja Student Village, but approximately half still think that the reputation of the Student Village is bad. However, nearly all the respondents feel that the Kortepohja district is comfortable and safe.

The survey strongly highlighted the shortcomings in the level of cleanliness of the MNOP buildings. The majority of the tenants think that the MNOP buildings don’t seem to be in good condition and well over half of the tenants feel that the common areas inside the buildings are dirty. However, more than half of the respondents say that the yard areas are clean.

More than half of the respondents feel that their neighbors do not disturb their living comfort and many feel that their building and its surroundings are safe. The tranquility of the buildings and quiet neighbors were highlighted in the comments.

Coloring life

Majority of tenants are satisfied with their apartments in MNOP buildings. More than half of the respondents agree that the floor plan meets their needs and almost all the respondents also feel that the size of the apartment is adequate. In the comment section, a few respondents mention the small kitchen as an inconvenience, but otherwise the respondents were mostly happy with the apartments. The majority of respondents feel at home.

When asked about the best feature in their own building, the most common response was the affordable rent and good value for money. The tranquility, location and services of the area received praises as well. A few improvement suggestions included feedback on lighting, graffiti and general cleanliness – tenants would like to see more effort in keeping the common areas comfortable and clean.

The survey was sent to 182 tenants and 29 tenants answered the survey between October 5th and 18th, 2020. Soihtu will use the results of the survey to improve the living comfort.

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