Home Insurance

Members of JYY living in Soihtu’s apartments are automatically covered by a home insurance provided by the Student Union.  

In insurance issues the residents of Kortepohja Student Village and Vehkakuja 2 can get help from the insurance broker agency Söderberg & Partners Ltd. If you have any questions concerning insurance, for example about making an insurance claim, contact  Söderberg & Partners  Ltd. The insurance broker agents at  Söderberg & Partners Ltd. can help you in all questions regarding your home insurance. 

OP Insurance, policy number 16-540-425-3 

The home insurance does not provide compensation for broken items, and it does not include an accident, travel or legal expense insurance. 

When considering the termination of an earlier insurance policy, always contact your insurer. Any valuable items should always be covered by a more extensive policy than that taken out by JYY. 

Processing of insurance claims will be carried out by the insurance company. OP Insurance claims are handled via a phone service. If you contact the phone service of insurance company OP mention that the insurant is JYY (Student Union, in Finnish Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta) and the policy number is 16-540-425-3. Remember to write down the insurance claim number! You can send for example the report of an offence related to the incident later via mail to the insurance company free of charge if you have the insurance claim number. 

If you have sublet your apartment, the subtenant is NOT entitled to compensations from the basic home insurance policy taken out by JYY even if s/he is a member of JYY. Please advise the subtenant to take out a separate home insurance policy. 

Questions regarding your home insurance?
Contact insurance broker agency.

Insurance broker agency Söderberg & Partners Oy  (previously Meklaritalo Oy

Tikkutehtaantie 2, 40800 Vaajakoski 

Päivi Nivala +358 50 401 0116, paivi.nivala@soderbergpartners.com 

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