Shared apartments available

”Sharing everyday life has been surprisingly easy” said one of our tenants after first months in a shared apartment. Apply for a room in a shared apartment of Soihtu now and state the same.

A shared apartment is a great option, for example, for a student who is moving to a new city since communal living is an easy way to get to know new people. We know many stories in which moving in with a stranger has made a new tenant nervous but over time and the roommate has become one of their best friends.

Of course, you can apply for a shared apartment with a friend/friends. In that case, each you have to fill in your own applications, in which you mention the name(s) of the friend(s) that you want in to share an apartment with.

Soihtu’s shared apartments are quickly available – around the year. Each tenant has their own, lockable room and the common spaces are shared with 1-3 roommates. We always make each tenant their own tenancy agreement so even if your roommate’s situation in life would change and s/he would move out, you can keep living in the same apartment. The tenancy agreement is made for whole months, so the agreement begins on the first day of a month and ends on the last day of a month. The tenancy agreement can either be valid until further notice or for a fixed term.

Living in Soihtu’s housing locations is easy because water, electricity, district heating and 1GB Funet broadband connection are always included in the rent. In addition, it is free to use the laundry rooms and common sauna turns are available every day. Rentukka building that is in the middle of the Student Village is praised by our tenants – many people choose Soihtu’s apartment because the gym and studying spaces in Rentukka are in free use of our tenants. The student-priced lunch is served also after lectures so if you aren’t interested in cooking at home, you can stop by Rentukka to eat!

For autumn 2020 it is also possible to rent a furnished room in a shared apartment with a fixed-term tenancy agreement. There are a bed with a duvet and pillow, an armchair, a desk and a chair in the furnished rooms. Moreover, the dishes in the kitchen/kitchenette of the apartment are in the tenants’ use.

See further info about Kortepohja Student Village and fill in an application!

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