Tips for applying for student housing

Every summer, Soihtu receives a large number of apartment applications, and this summer is no exception. Apartments and rooms that become available at the beginning of August are always reserved for new students starting their studies in Jyväskylä. We are currently sending housing offers for apartments that will be available in August. Some apartments are still available to be offered from the beginning of July as well.

Inquiries about the housing situation are made daily at Soihtu Housing Services. We apologize for any occasional congestion in our customer service. Please note that another person cannot handle or inquire about an adult applicant’s matters without a power of attorney.

Resident selection is based on the urgency of housing need

Primary applicants for our apartments are students and especially members of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY). Some of our properties are ARA student housing locations (ARA is the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland). Resident selection criteria of ARA specify the tenant selection to these student housing locations.

There are no actual waiting lists for ARA apartments; instead, resident selection is based on need assessment. This assessment takes into account the applicant’s housing need, income, and assets. Thus, the apartment is primarily offered to those who are in the greatest need of housing.

Don’t limit your application too much

Our apartments and rooms are offered based on applications. However, due to high demand, not all applicants with an urgent need for housing can be guaranteed an apartment for the autumn.

Applicants should note that the more housing locations and apartment types they apply for, the more likely they are to receive a housing offer from Soihtu. It is advisable to select our all locations and housing types for your application. This will improve your chances of receiving a housing offer. Changing apartments later is easy.

Tips for applicants

  • Check your email. We send housing offers to the email address you provided in your application.
  • We send a housing offer when we can offer an apartment that matches your whishes.
  • If you want to update your application, modify it through the electronic application service.

Housing offers for  autumn apartments are sent throughout the summer. Keep an eye on your email actively as long as you need housing, and remove your application if you no longer need housing.

You can contact Soihtu Housing customer service if you have any questions about the application process. Please note that our customer service can only provide information about the status of your application that you can see on the applicant’s page.

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Reforms to services

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Soihtu wants to offer its customers the smoothest possible customer service experience. Starting in September, you can book a personal service appointment at the Housing Service Point through the online booking system.

When you move out, return the keys as instructed – this ensures the next tenant can move in on time

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We instruct the tenant to return the keys on time to ensure the new tenant's move goes as smoothly as possible. The compensation price list now includes charges for incorrect and late key returns.

August apartments offered

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All apartments available at the beginning of August have now been offered, and most have already had tenancy agreements signed. Individual apartments or shared rooms may still become available at the beginning of August if someone declines their apartment offer.