New parking spaces ready to be used

There are new parking spaces in the parking area both between buildings B, C and T and near the boulevard in the Student Village. The new parking spaces are in use from the 19th of October 2020 on.

“Some of the parking spaces are reserved for the companies, for example for customer parking of Rentukka. Some of the parking spaces between buildings B, C and T are currently used by the workers of the construction site. This way we can direct their parking in certain areas, and other parking spaces, which have been in their use, become available for tenants”, explains Kimmo Moilanen, Chief Real Estate Officer of Soihtu.

Soihtu has received inquiries for parking spaces where electric cars can be charged. Some of the parking spaces between buildings B, C and T are suitable for that purpose. For now, these spaces cannot be booked separately in the booking system, but you can inquire the from the Soihtu Housing service point (

All parking spaces are booked in the booking system for Soihtu tenants. The new parking spaces are entered into the booking system and are offered automatically to the tenants next in queue.

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