Soihtu Water Saving Competition

Do you know how much water you use daily? In most of the housing locations of Soihtu, water is included in the rent, so the tenant does not have to think much about how much water is consumed. However, we want to encourage all our tenants to follow their own water consumption. 

In the spring of 2023, we will launch a water saving competition for tenants in all housing locations of Soihtu. The housing location that saved the most water wins 1 000 € for community activities and sharing economy! 

The competition is running from 1 January to 30 April 2023. 

Let’s save water – together! 

Every housing location of Soihtu is automatically included in the campaign. As a tenant, you can influence the possibilities of your own housing location by paying attention to your own water consumption. Below you will find good tips on how to get started! 

The housing location that has reduced its water consumption the most will win 1 000 euros to be used for the development of the community or the sharing economy in the housing location. Other housing locations are also rewarded with 500 euros, if water can be saved by at least 5 % compared to the previous year’s consumption of the housing location. 

Tips for saving water: 

  • Report possible leaks in taps and in the toilet to the maintenance as soon as possible. 
  • Do not wash dishes under running water. 
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or soaping. 
  • When you do laundry, only wash full loads. 
  • Spend as little time as possible in the shower and prefer general sauna shifts. 
  • Time your shower times and try to reduce the time you spend in the shower. 
  • With energy-efficient household appliances, you save water too. 

Competition rules