Clarifications in the driving routes in Kortepohja Student Village

The entrance drivevay renovation of the Kortepohja student village was finished in the fall of 2020. In the renovation, some of the rooted driveways of the Student Village area were changed. According to the feedback and questions we have received, the communications of the driving routes in the Student Village entrance area need clarification. We are thankful for all your messages considering the issue, as it is important to us that the tenants have safe routes in their daily life.

Safe routes will be secured by obstacle poles

Currently, driving with a motor vehicle in the Kortepohja Student Village entrance area, especially around building C, is directed via traffic signs prohibiting the use of motor vehicle. The additional signage attached in the traffic signs describe the correct purpose of the route.
To clarify the routes’ purpose and ensure the safety of the area, we will add obstacle poles in the Student Village routes that are not intended for daily motorists’ use, during June 2021.

The correct routes are marked in the signage maps that will be installed in the Student Village during June.

Driving a car into the Student Village is only allowed via the west side of the building C – don’t drive on Pelastustie

On the east side of the building C, the narrow passage between building C and Soihtu wall, only emergency vehicles on a rescue are allowed, as the Pelastustie (Escape route) additional sign states. The passage is allowed for pedestrians and bicyclists. Tenants and their guests, service logistics or other professional motorists are not allowed on this passage.

The correct route for car drivers is on the west side of the building C (“Emännäntie side”). The traffic sign prohibiting motor vehicles has an additional Huoltoajo sallittu (Service logistics allowed) sign stating that any necessary car traffic in the Student Village, such as moving traffic and any logistics personal or professional must be done via this route.

If you drive your car in the Student Village to move your grocery shopping, have hired a moving van, or get a ride from a driving friend, the correct route to your doorstep is via the west side of the building C.

Construction site traffic will be easier come summer 2021

The finishing of the construction site of the building D will ease the construction related traffic on the southern area of the Kortepohja Student Village. When the construction site of the building E begins in the late summer 2021, the construction site traffic is directed to arrive on site from the Kortepohja school side, via Kartanonkuja. The daily life of the tenants in building F will get easier, as the new route in front of building D can be opened.

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