Accept the offer of shared apartment

  • Use this form to accept your offer of shared apartment. Please read the terms and conditions of the rent agreement you received with the apartment offer carefully before accepting the offer. The rent agreement begins from the date that is mentioned in your offer. Please note that you can only ACCEPT the shared apartment offer with this form. If you want to refuse the offered room, please contact Soihtu Housing customer service.
  • For example R 201/4 or M 101/1
  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
    Choose the same date that is in your offer.
  • You will get a rent invoice by email after accepting (within 1-3 working days). By paying the rent for the first month, you will confirm your reservation and commit to the rent agreement. Please note that accepting the offer online is not enough, but you also have to pay the first month rent to confirm the apartment. Therefore, be sure to PAY THE RENT FOR THE FIRST MONTH by the due date mentioned in the instructions.