You can sublet your apartment to another person using a fixed term lease the maximum duration of which is 24 months at a time. You must inform our customer service about the sublease in writing. Fill in the notice of sublease and make a written tenancy agreement with your subtenant. Deliver both the notice of sublease and a copy of the written tenancy agreement, which you have made with your subtenant, to our customer service before the sublease begins. Without the information we can’t for instance give the keys to the subtenant or open the door for them if they forget or lose their keys.

Please consider the following issues: 

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April 2021 Tenants’ Info Letter has been mailed

, / 12.4.2021

Soihtu Housing tenants receive a newsletter about the current housing topics in Kortepohja Student Village and Soihtu Vehkakuja every month. The newsletter is sent to the e-mail address found in our system and provided by the tenant. Sometimes the...

The tenants’ voice needs to be heard – participate in meeting to chat about the future of Kortepohja’s tenant activity!

, , / 9.4.2021

At the Village meeting last November, no Tenants' Committee was formed in Kortepohja Student Village - this is the first time in history of the Student Village. Join us for a meeting to chat about the current situation of the tenant activity in...

Updating the contactless key cards will soon be easier

, / 8.4.2021

An encoding device will soon be introduced for the tenants' use for the self-porogramming of expiring contactless key cards. Magnetic stripe key cards, however, will still require a visit at the service point.